5 Minutes :: Promises

5 Minutes :: Promises

file-cabinetI remember someone saying to me a long time ago that the brain has a drawer labelled “tomorrow” that never gets opened.
Every time it comes to tomorrow it is today and tomorrow goes back to being tomorrow.

Because the brain in it’s functioning tends towards quite literal while the being behind the brain tends towards being quite intuitive. Or whatever the reason it happens doesn’t matter much if the drawer never gets opened.

So when we affirm things in a distant time we are throwing them into a draw that has a greater possibility of not being opened than of being opened.

So “it” can possibly never come neither does “will be” – or “try” for that matter but that’s another post….

Now I know that there are some who say affirmative things that contain “tomorrow” and “will be” and they seem to get what they want so it can make you doubt your own evidence that for you to say those words doesn’t work  because it hasn’t.

But I would say that in those cases there is a stronger knowing that it is happening for them now behind their affirmation than the affirmation itself.   That knowing exists as “feeling of having the thing now” versus the “feeling” of not having the thing and wanting it.

While still others act so much as if “it” is now that “now” can’t help but being “it”.   Yes I did just write that!

Be all that as it may your proof is in your pudding.  What is happening or not happening for you.
The lessons of the lives of others should serve to inspire us to create our own experiential proof rather than try to live out their lives – as some of us end up doing when we constantly repeat their stories.

For this 5 minute exercise you will make a point to repeat the phrases below as many times as you can.
Say them with passion, drama, feeling.

Try to connect feelings to the words – do this like if you were an actor practicing for the part of your life…

I know, usually at 2 or 3 minutes my short attention span mechanism kicks in and I cringe in the form of mental spewage of things like “this is crazy”, “this kind of thing only works for them”, “Ugh! this is soooo stupid!!”…

But trust me here this works, rather I should say trust yourself and trust the universe – just pile through the spew and you will get to the magnificent other side.

Do this in the morning and right before you go to bed at night. The idea is to drill into your subconscious that you are this thing now.  Because you are this now – you have just been waiting for you to catch up :)

Those who know, know where this comes from and I am not claiming to be an original author of these knock-offs of the  “promises”.

I am just presenting them to you in a way that you can incorporate into your morning routine and get some amazing results.

OK – set your timer and ready.. set.. go!

I am good at paying attention to the details of the work I do on myself and in my life.
I am amazed at how far I have come.
I now know a new sense of freedom and I am happier than I’ve ever been.
I do not regret my past nor do I  shut the door on it and I am free from the need to scream it from the rooftops.
I understand serenity and I am at peace with myself and the world.
I now use the lessons of my past to inspire and help others because I see, now, that my story is inspiring.
Today I demonstrate my care about others through my actions and words.
I am a changed being for the good and I can see the good in life, in others and myself.
I choose to love and embrace others.
I am connected to an infinite source of supply and no longer fear economic insecurity.
I am divinely guided and intuitively know how to handle situations which used to baffle me.
I know, now, that the God of my understanding is doing for me what I could not do for myself.

When I do this  I am left with a vibrating feeling throughout my body and I know it is going to be a wonderful day.

Let me knowhow this goes for you.

Be blessed.

5 Minutes :: I AM!

5 Minutes :: I AM!

Let me start by saying that we are here to experience joy.  That’s it.  Joy.

And the diversity of us means that there is a diversity of experiences of joy out there:
The joy of work.
The joy of play.
The joy of art.
The joy of music.
The joy of contemplation.
The joy of family.
The joy of friends.
The joy of traveling to new places.
The joy of discovering new things.
The joy of solving problems.
The joy of helping others.
There are so many opportunities to experience joy it’s almost crazy making.  I think that’s why we disguised it all as work.  So we wouldn’t do a nirvana freak out the instant we incarnated as human and felt the feelings that come with so much joy!!!

face_in_treeOK – So most of us for one reason or another fall under the impression that our joy comes from something out there. Outside of us.
There’s a couple of good reasons for this but the truth of it is that our joy comes from within and is affirmed by the “without”.

I know.

If your like me whenever I used to hear someone say that I would cringe.  My mind would instantly go to images it had stored  of evidence that no joy could possible exist inside me  - I mean look at me, my life, that girl that left me, that parent unhappy with me, that person abusing me, me abusing that person, the test I failed, the money I stole, the money that got stolen from me, etc., etc!
Then like a dark cloud would descend over my being and I would swear that if this thing called joy exists it must come from somewhere outside of me or just as bad I would look at others feeling / expressing their happiness and I would shoot mental hate darts at them – I mean, how dare they smile when there is so much misery in the world.   And so I would lumber around radiating these depressing vibes and wondering why joy wasn’t coming to meet me as I walked into dark, unhappy situation after situation.

What I know now is that moment, that second when I cringed – that was my magic-genie-projector loading the movie that would play out as my experience of the now I was in.  The problem was the movie selector only had one genre to choose from :: miserable.  Whatever the reason didn’t matter.  There is a place where the mattering does matter but for what we’re doing here it doesn’t matter right now.   What I needed to do was get some new “genres” in there!
A fact which turns out to be easier than I thought.

This exercise is a 5 minute exercise designed to create that shift which gives you space to experience the JOY of being JOY.

Now seeing results may take a bit of time but with some patience and persistent effort they will come!

So for this 5 minute exercise you will need a pad, pen / pencil and your timer.  Get into a comfortable spot where you are able to write.

Then set the timer and take a couple of slow, deep, centering breaths – then start.  You will be writing  I Am statements.

For example :: I am happy.   I am enough.  I am loving.  I am loved.  I am fun.  I am funny….

No negatives.  No saying I am not this or that.
Only positives.
Don’t worry if you don’t feel your I am statements as much as you think you should just keep writing.
What’s powerful about this exercise is these are your I am statements.  Not something from someone else telling you what you are or should be.   But you saying you are.    Remember “I AM” is the most powerful manifestation declaration known to humans.   Now you are practicing taking control of your I AM mechanism.

Keep writing for the full 5 minutes.

When you time is up take a couple of slow deep breaths and read your I am statements aloud a couple of times and to yourself a few times.

This is a definite mood changer.  Keep this list handy.  For the next couple of days do this exercise.

Any time is good.  You want to get as long a list as you can.

While there is a no negative rule, feelings are allowed – like I am angry.  I am sad.   You want to allow yourself to feel the okay-ness of having feelings.  While they can have negatice intent they are not negative in origin.
If you deny yourself feeling a feeling the brain understands that as a denial of feeling and will work to limit the feelings you feel – even your joy.  So allowing yourself to know that you are safe to feel your feelings is a very positive thing and will allow you to know it is safe to feel your joy as well!

5 Minutes :: Something Amazing

5 Minutes :: Something Amazing

sadIt’s true that not all affirmations work all the time.  Sometimes a person is affirming for wealth but there is nothing in him or her that has a knowing enough of wealth for the affirmation to take hold of.  It puts them into an inner conflict which manifests as some outer conflict.

Sometimes the wording of the affirmation doesn’t put one in the desired condition in the now but some far off never happening time – like the draw labelled “will be”, or it’s just very vague and so they are placed in a cycle of perpetual wanting or receiving vagueness – which is really the affirmation working but not in the manner you may need it to work.  In this case the affirmation may work against the desire.

My favorite is the confusion of asking.  That’s where you get different camps of people who tell you there are things you can and can’t ask for. The confusion of asking would be simplified if there were just an asking booth with one rep with one answer! But the bible says simply “Ask and you shall receive…”.   It didn’t say ask for a wife but don’t ask for donuts.  I read that as it is up to you.

You might have this experience yourself. You watched that movie “The Secret”, you read the books and you’ve been busy affirming and nothing seems to be going right in your life no matter how hard you try. In fact the opposite happens – you say you are wealth and another debt shows up- you’re like a poverty magnet vs. a money magnet!

The good and amazing thing about being the spiritual beings we are is that there are a multitude of tools at our disposal that meet us where we are and lift us where we want to be.

Man believes that reality resides in the solid objects he sees around him, that it is in this world that the drama of life originates, that events spring suddenly into existence, created moment by moment out of antecedent physical facts.

But causation does not lie in the external world of facts. The drama of life originates in the imagination of man. The real act of becoming takes place within man’s imagination and not without.”   The Law and The Promise, Neville Goddard

YES!!!So with that knowingness in mind this 5 minute tool is one you will utilize before you go to sleep.
This one is so easy you can do it in your bed!
Start with the phrase “isn’t it wonderful”. Say it a few times and allow the feeling of it being wonderful to wash over you. Here you are definetly going for the feeling.

Now go for the second part of the phrase – “that something marvelous is happening to me right now” allow the feeling of something marvelous happening to you to wash over you. Remember here you are going for the feeling so no need to be concerned too much with imagery – unless negative images try to come in – then you want to gently replace them with something positive.

So now as you are laying there eyes closed, you’ve taken a couple of deep centering breaths say the 2 parts of the phrase together as one:: ” isn’t it wonderful that something marvelous is happening to me now”. Say this slowly to yourself for the full five minutes then allow yourself to fall asleep with the feel of something wonderful happening to you and how good that feels.sleeping2 That moment just before you fall asleep is an optimal time of communication between your conscious and sub-conscious. You are giving your sub conscious the request you want fulfilled and it will get busy figuring out how to get you into the reality experience of something wonderful happening to you. You do not need to concern yourself with the how or when. Just know that there is powerful force for good that is the Divine substance of the universe of which you are a part and your sub conscious is in direct communication with it and your good, the marvelous something, will find you!
Most likely it will be something better than what you could have thought of yourself.

Timing is of God so have patience. Do this each night and in no time at all you will find yourself in the experience of your Good!

5 minutes :: Thank You

There are 24 hours in a day.

That equals 1,440 minutes.

If you take just 5 of those and meditate that leaves you with 1,435 minutes to do whatever.

So today take up this 5 minute exercise.
Set your timer for 5 minutes.
Sit comfortable and breathe in a couple of slow deep breaths.
Hit the start button.

Close your eyes and silently to yourself say thank you. Thank you. Thank You. Over and over for 5 minutes.

You can improvise – Thank God. Thank Your partner. Thank Yourself. Thank Your parents. Thank Your Neighbor.
Thank You. Thank You.
You can say it aloud if you can and want to. But dedicate the whole 5 minutes to Thank You.

Do this for 10 days or whatever timeframe feels right for you.

Timeframes are good but not always necessary.  They help to provide guideposts for progress as well as  creating a space charged with the intention, which is in this case a meditation.  So that  having a set time and place where your meditation practice is to happen allows your mind to automatically shift to meditation mode once that time comes.  It also charges the space so that whenever you go there your mind knows to go into meditation.

Over time as you continue with your practice you might find that it doesn’t matter what time or where you are when you want to meditate you can.  by this time, earlier or later, you will begin to understand that meditation is that thing that happens when you make the space for it.  This is why, early on, it is a good idea to work with set times and places in establishing your practice.

This 5 minute practice will help to create a shift in the mind that changes the thoughts that impact your reality.  The intention of the impact is to increase your joyful experience of the moment.  That should be the end result of all we do – the increasing of our joy.  After all, if it doesn’t serve to make you happy what’s the point?  God, Higher Power or whatever your understanding of it is did not make you to have you suffer.  Unless you choose to. Then that just means that for you suffering is happiness.    Thereby fulfilling the why of why you are here!  enJOY!

Global Citizens

Global Citizens

I think it would be a good idea to create a global human citizenship that allows one access to all the food, water, healthcare, clothing, shelter and transportation they want.

It would also allow one to work where ever they are in whatever capacity is needed or wanted and they are able to qualify for – if special qualifications be necessary.

Yes there will be the greedy that eat more than they really need. Yes there will be those who refuse to eat enough.
Yes there will be those who never seem to do the dirty work, those who are always doing the dirty work and those on both sides of the jobs that are considered less dirty.

But there will be more who eat their share and eagerly share their talents than those that don’t.
And since it doesn’t matter if one does or does not do anything – everyone will have enough of what they need – there will be less cause to be concerned about others and more focus on self-expression.

Everyone will be free to creatively contribute to the world as they can with no fear of going hungry or losing their beds.
You can be sure that the majority of medical, scientific, social, artistic, philosophic, and whatever other careerists will eagerly keep on with what they do because it’s what they love to do.

It is the inherent nature of life to provide the means to care for itself. This really has to be the next stage of our evolution.
Oneness is the 
inevitability of itself.

We can do this.

Only Truth is True (2011)

Only Truth is True (2011)

Everything is evidence of something.
To our understanding having evidence makes something true.
Sometimes that true can be asserted as a kind of totality, causing prayers, temples, dances and chants to be erected.
However, that “true” is as small a piece of the total whole as is the something made true by the evidence which gathered in support of it – regardless of it’s enormity.

When one has an experience of truth, that is true being, one realizes that realization itself is a door to the past, a mechanism of communication necessary only in illusions, which has nothing to do with truth but has everything to do with ego.
Truth is an experience.
And all need for evidence has slipped away.
And all prayers temples, dances and chants become expressions of being rather than vehicles of travel.

Angry Soup is Not For The Soul

Angry Soup is Not For The Soul


The thing about an angry being is their anger, coddled and improperly channeled, is a powerful magnet that is a problem unless angry is what one wanted in the first place.

What they are angry about might be something worthy of getting angry about and they can absolutely find agreement that what they are pointing their smoldering fingers at is cause for disturbance – but that doesn’t stop the Law of Attraction from engaging and pulling into them the energy that matches the energy they are carrying within -  which if it’s angry then it’s an angry match – and we know what matches do!

The operation of this concept is so simple and so basically fun-damental to who we are as spiritual beings having human experiences that it almost seems like a deep secret which can only be revealed in expensive books and even more expensive seminars and in fact sometimes is.  Which in and of itself is fine and if that’s the route you want to take I am open and say yes to money – even donated money.

At a certain level we all are Master Chefs.  What we cook up can be seen in the restaurants that are our lives.   We cook very well.  We are cooking all the time.  One dish that we like to make is called  “Angry Soup”.

Now anger, as an emotion, is meant to be a spontaneous response to an event which is meant to give us some information and cause us to take an action.  Boom then we move on.
We shift into another state of being and life shifts with us.
Unless of course we decide, either consciously or unconsciously, to hold onto that angry emotion energy which is how we make soup with it. We “became”

Most of the time we do this because we believe that this situation is a problem that would get better if we fed it some angry soup.  “Better” being the key word here as it means we think we have a solution to what we perceive to be the problem.

So what happens?  We throw that emotion into the pot.  Mix in some images that go with that emotion.  Add some thought-spices, remnants of past experiences that resonate with what just happened, maybe some exotic experiences of others get mixed in too. Gather some support around the pot, maybe have an angry party, simmer and stir.  Yum.  Breathe in that angry smell.  Feel those simmering angry molecules infusing your very bones. Feel that angry power coursing through your veins.  It must explode.  That is it’s nature.  The longer it simmers the bigger the explosion.

It would be awesome if you could freeze-frame that moment, step outside yourself and watch from a distance.  What you would see would blow your mind because while inside your body what you were telling yourself was happening isn’t the same thing you see happening from the vantage point of outside yourself.

What you see outside you is an energy being, you, making a dual purpose energy magnet that emanates a red vibrating energy while at the same time attracts a red vibrating energy to it.  The most amazing thing you notice is that YOU turn the color of the images you are cooking up. You become the magnet.  Like the blob in that movie – it grabs your hand, then your arm then all of you then you are the blob!  You. Luke are the force! In this case the angry.

You can see people energy blobs walking by and the bits of them near magnet-interact with you at the level of you, they turn red and a few get bits of their energy that almost gets pulled in and a few, already vibrating the same frequency-red happily merge  into the magnet-you.  You become one happy angry blob of undulating energy. Like has attracted like. The soup works.

What you hold inside you and believe as true becomes you and manifests  outside you – because outside you can only respond TO you.  Not the other way around.  Doesn’t matter where the images come from – mom, dad, siblings, neighbors, msnbc, mtv, the fox news channel, rappers, the mafia, racists, pacifists, haters, lovers, pigs or sheep.  Once the images are held inside you, infused with your belief that they are real, they get connected to your manifestation mechanism powered by the universal-all-prayers-are-always-answered power Source.  They go into your kitchen for cooking.

The kitchen does not discriminate.  It doesn’t sniff for rancid  or poisonous images, or silly images or right or wrong images.  To it images are images, thoughts are thoughts.  It takes what you allow in and makes a dish.  It is the chefs job to discern and pick and choose.

Always important to remember that you were born a Master Chef. The good news:  Where ever you are is a dish you created in the kitchen of your being.   The even better news:  You can cook up something else and in an instant be something else.
A good book to aid in the understanding of this: E2 Nine Do-it Yourself Experiments That Prove You Create Your Own Reality,  By Pam Grout.

It starts by changing the images held in the mind.  Tell a different story.  Think a different story. Be a different story. Decide who you want to be and gather images that match that decision.  Collect around others that match that image.  Speak words that match that image.  Reject with love images that don’t match – especially from others.  Allow them the joy and freedom to be.  For judging energy is an energy that creates judging energy.  So what you will see outside of you are people judging.   Note to self :: This is what you were doing all along just not in the conscious determined way we are talking about now.

This is the universe giving you exactly what you asked for as you asked.  It is a childishly simple mechanism that produces enormously powerful results. Make no mistake about the power of the result – it can be as sweet as a baby saying I love you daddy or as devastation as a steam roller that squish-splats you like a bug.  Angry is a “prayer” for angry – get it?  Happy is a prayer for “happy”.  Not to say that opposing energies wont bump into each other.  They will, happens all the time.  We used to call it Murphy’s law but then we realized we were being disrespectful to the Murphys of the world and the Irish so we stopped. But they won’t stick and if occasionally one does it won’t stick for long,Be Happy

The same amount of energy expended making angry soup is the same amount needed to l produce happy soup,Peaceful soup, Abundant soup. The choice is yours – you’re the chef!
YES!!! YOU are the CHEF.

Now go Grasshopper  BE THE CHEF.  Take “Angry Soup” off the menu and cook up something abundantly wonderful in it’s place!!…
Remember the book will help with re-learning how to re-purpose you creation mechanism!

May you be peaceful and prosperous.

Michael Soaries